EUSAS Congres in Nederland

EUSAS Conference op 25-26 maart

Op 25 en 26 maart 2020 organiseert EUSAS (European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems) de jaarlijkse conferentie bij Federatie Veilig Nederland in Zoetermeer. Het thema dit jaar is ‘Artificial intelligence in fire detection an security’. Het programma is bekend en kunt u hier downloaden.

EUSAS e.V. (European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V.; c/o University Duisburg-Essen) provides a European platform for promoting the science of fire protection and security comprising fire detection, extinguishing, intrusion detection, access control and video monitoring. The principal objective is experience sharing, exchange of views among professionals, and know-how consolidation. For this purpose EUSAS e.V. organises conferences.

The conference will be divided into the 3 following sessions (see presentation):

Session 1: What is AI – General issues

Session 2: What can AI do for fire detection and security – opportunities/benefits

Session 3: How to manage the consequences of AI – risks/consequences

Voor de congres flyer en informatie over aanmelden, klik dan hier voor de congreswebsite van EUSAS.